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Detroit, Michigan – March 1, 2024

ServerCloud adds GTT Communications, Inc.

ServerCloud, a leading cloud service provider based in Detroit, Michigan, proudly announces the addition of global telecommunications powerhouse GTT Communications, Inc. (ASN 3257) to its robust lineup of connectivity partners. This move augments ServerCloud’s service locations across North America and Europe, enhancing route delivery options and network performance alongside existing partners like Lumen, Cogent, Arelion, TI Sparkle, and various peering agreements.

GTT Communications, with its high-capacity global network, is a significant entity in the internet infrastructure domain, managing over 14 Tbps of traffic at peak times. The company’s comprehensive network, highlighted by its transatlantic cables, is crucial for the global internet of things, offering essential connectivity and facilitating seamless data flow between continents.

Integrating GTT’s services enhances ServerCloud’s infrastructure, allowing customers to experience superior network efficiency and performance. GTT’s advanced routing capabilities and broad reach enable ServerCloud to provide more diversified and resilient connectivity options, ensuring quicker and more reliable access to digital resources.

Vice President James Polan of ServerCloud remarked, “Adding GTT to our network alongside esteemed partners like Lumen, Cogent, Arelion, and TI Sparkle, fortifies our commitment to offering exceptional connectivity solutions. GTT’s global network presence, especially with their transatlantic cables, vastly improves our service delivery, affirming our dedication to our customers’ success.”

ServerCloud’s network efficiency is further boosted by the Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP), optimizing data traffic paths, reducing latency, and enhancing overall network performance. The amalgamation of GTT’s global network with Noction’s IRP, and existing collaborations with other major network providers, establishes ServerCloud as an elite cloud service provider, known for its network efficiency and dependability.

This enhancement, with GTT joining ServerCloud’s network, represents a major advancement in ServerCloud’s mission to deliver top-tier cloud solutions and connectivity. Customers in North America and Europe now have access to even more robust network capabilities, elevating ServerCloud’s standard of cloud service delivery.

About ServerCloud

ServerCloud is a leading provider of Cloud Compute, VPS Hosting, Cloud Storage and CDN solutions based in Southfield, Michigan. With a commitment to delivering high-performance hosting services, ServerCloud empowers businesses and individuals to succeed online by providing reliable, fast, and cost-effective hosting solutions.


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