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Not All Cores Are Created Equal
100% Performance Satisfaction Guarantee
Ryzen 7950X CPUs Outperforms ALL Competitors

1 Gigabit per Second Frees Your bandwidth

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Amazing Features

  • Fastest AMD Ryzen 7950X CPUs
  • PCI 4.0 NVMe Storage RAID
  • Low Latency, High IOPs Storage
  • 100GB-7TB Storage Volume Sizes
  • FREE 1 Gbps (324TB) Bandwidth!
  • 1-20 Gigabit Networking
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Basic (Unmanaged) Service
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • FREE Terabit DDOS Protection
  • IPv4 Addressing
  • IPv6 Addressing

Faster than Competitors

Not All Cores Are Created EqualServerCloud holds nothing back to deliver the fastest performance per core. Using AMD’s lightning fast Ryzen 7950X CPU technology, customers benefit from the highest benchmarked gigahertz per vCPU. This makes ServerCloud up to 300% faster than competitors per vCPU! ServerCloud does a smart RAID of PCI 4.0 NVMe storage to make your VPS fast and redundant. Finally, ServerCloud Frees Your Bandwidth with 1 Gigabit per Second FREE of unlimited bandwidth per Virtual Private Server instance.

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ServerCloud VPS Plans

Featuring a balanced ratio of 3.75 gigabytes of RAM to each dedicated vCPU and the most included storage of any provider, VPS are Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized for the widest variety of workloads. Truly amazing performance with AMD Ryzen 7950X CPUs, PCI 4.0 NVMe, and 1:1 assignment of server resources. ServerCloud says NO to resource oversubscription and Frees Your Bandwidth!

Instance vCPU RAM Storage Our Price Digital Ocean Vultr
Ryzen7.Nano 1 3.75GB 100GB $18.44 N/A N/A
Ryzen7.Micro 2 7.5GB 250GB $36.88 $68.00 $60.00
Ryzen7.Mini 4 15GB 500GB $73.75 $136.00 $120.00
Ryzen7.Basic 6 22.5GB 750GB $110.63 N/A N/A
Ryzen7.Plus 8 30GB 1TB $147.50 $272.00 $240.00
Ryzen7.Pro 12 45GB 2TB $221.25 N/A N/A
Ryzen7.Elite 16 60GB 3TB $295.00 $544.00 $480.00
Ryzen7.Mega 24 90GB 5TB $442.50 N/A N/A
Ryzen7.Ultra 32 120GB 7TB $590.00 $1,088.00 $960.00
  • Enjoy full transparency with every-day low pricing
  • Always save money with ServerCloud
  • ServerCloud VPS performs faster than competitors
  • Incredible 1 Gigabit FREE bandwidth with every VPS
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Your Applications Deserve to be Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized

Where the competition saves money on your business, ServerCloud invests.

ServerCloud dramatically outperforms the competition, leveraging the fastest benchmarked AMD processor technology and dedicating it to client use. While other providers over-subscribe CPU resources, ServerCloud clients will never be asked to wait for scheduled access to CPU cores they’re paying for. Our Perfectly Packed & Honestly Optimized promise means that we have fewer customers on each host node, giving each client exactly what they’ve paid for. All ServerCloud plans can scale throughput seamlessly when combined with ServerCloud’s highly affordable Content Delivery Network services.

You Can Trust ServerCloud

A very safe choice! Not a start-up, ServerCloud is privately owned and profitable since its incorporation in 1999. ServerCloud’s product portfolio stands out as an ideal blend of reliability, performance, and value in a cloud hosting marketplace that is crowded with service providers.

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The quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently above expectations.

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Better, faster, and more efficient.

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Providing exceptional reliability and high performance at a great price.

Our ServerCloud Options

Pay for exactly what you need and nothing more.

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Control Panels & O/S

DirectAdmin, cPanel and a variety of operating systems are available.

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Secure your data off-host or off-site, at a great price.

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Migration Assistance

Ask Sales for extra extra “Free” time so migrating yourself costs less.

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24/7/365 Live Support

ServerCloud includes Basic Support.

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