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Unlock access to build your cloud! Every tier includes Cloud Compute, Object Storage, & CDN Service:

  • Developer
  • Professional
  • SMB
  • Enterprise

Members can Instantly Provision up to Tier pre-defined limits

ServerCloud Frees Your Bandwidth

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Why Require Membership?

At ServerCloud, we believe in providing our customers with the best cloud computing services possible. That’s why we’ve introduced a membership system that is specifically designed to offer you, our valued customer, the best possible experience.

By becoming a member, you’ll be able to take advantage of our tiered membership system, which provides you with preferential treatment and uninterrupted access to our cloud computing resources. This means you can work and grow your business with complete peace of mind, knowing that you have the support you need to succeed.

Our membership system also helps us to eliminate fraud and optimize our resources, which means we can continue to offer you the best every-day prices. We take great care in managing the growth of our user base and investing in infrastructure expansion, so that we can maintain the highest standards of service and support for our valued customers.

So, by becoming a member, you’re not only getting the best possible service and support, but you’re also joining a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to achieving success through technology. We’re excited to have you on board and can’t wait to help you grow your business with the power of ServerCloud!

Understanding The Benefits

Every membership unlocks full access to provision unlimited cloud computing within pre-defined Tier limits. All membership levels include immediate access to all tiers of Object Storage, CDN service, and Basic Managed Services. Access to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) does NOT require membership and is available to the General Public.

All Tiers Include:

324TB (1 Gbps!) of monthly transfer per account is FREE at ServerCloud!

  • vCPUs 4-512 Included
  • RAM 8GB-2048GB Included
  • Storage 50GB-10TB Included
  • 200GB Hot Object Storage
  • 10TB Hot Object Transfer
  • 100GB CDN Object Storage
  • FREE CDN Object Transfer
  • 200GB Infrequent Object Storage
  • 2TB Infrequent Object Transfer
  • 300 GB Cold Object Storage
  • FREE Cold Object Transfer
  • 5TB Standard CDN (USA+EU) Traffic
  • 5TB Premium CDN (USA+EU) Traffic
  • Unlocked Credit Approval
  • Cloud Instance Provisioning
  • 1-128 IPv4 Addresses Included
  • Managed Kubernetes Provisioning
  • Powerful User-Friendly Interface
  • Software Licensing Access
  • BASIC Managed Service
  • 1 Gbps (324TB) FREE Bandwidth!

ServerCloud’s FREE 1 Gbps would cost $16,356 at Azure, $17,856 at GCP, $20,091 at AWS, $12,960 at Wasabi, $3240 at BackBlaze, & $2268 at StorJ. Overage greater than 324TB (1 Gbps) is only $2.50/TB, $.0025 per GB – just $810 per Gbps.

Membership Levels

Instantly provision your cloud with a membership. Every level includes vCPUs, RAM and Storage that scalable to pre-defined plan limits. Build, destroy and burst vCPUs, RAM and storage as needed paying only for hours of resource usage above included plan resources. vCPUs are $10 per month, RAM is $2.25 per GB month, Storage is $0.10 per GB month – all charged hourly.

Developer Membership

$264.39 Monthly Value
up to 16 vCPUs & 64GB RAM
up to 16 Instances

4 vCPUs, 8GB RAM, 50GB Storage
1 IPv4 Address, Free IPv6

On-Demand Cloud Computing
Managed Kubernetes
All Tiers Object Storage
Standard & Premium CDNs
Basic Managed Service
1Gbps (324TB) Free! $810 Value

Professional Membership

$555.39 Monthly Value
up to 96 vCPUs & 384GB RAM
up to 96 Instances

16 vCPU, 64GB RAM, 500GB Storage
4 IPv4 Addresses, Free IPv6

On-Demand Cloud Computing
Managed Kubernetes
All Tiers Object Storage
Standard & Premium CDNs
Basic Managed Service
1Gbps (324TB) Free! $810 Value

SMB Membership

$1,971.39 Monthly Value
up to 384 vCPUs & 1536GB RAM
up to 384 Instances

80 vCPU, 320GB RAM, 2.5TB Storage
16 IPv4 Addresses, Free IPv6

On-Demand Cloud Computing
Managed Kubernetes
All Tiers Object Storage
Standard & Premium CDNs
Basic Managed Service

1Gbps (324TB) Free! $810 Value

Enterprise Membership

$10,929.39 Monthly Value
up to 2048 vCPUs & 16384GB RAM
up to 2048 Instances

512 vCPU, 2048GB RAM, 10TB Storage
128 IPv4 Addresses, Free IPv6

On-Demand Cloud Computing
Managed Kubernetes
All Tiers Object Storage
Standard & Premium CDNs
Basic Managed Service
1Gbps (324TB) Free! $810 Value

  • Enjoy full transparency with every-day low pricing
  • Always save money and never get charged a premium for hourly usage, build and destroy instances as-needed
  • 2 Gbps connection per compute instance
  • ServerCloud instances performs faster than competitors
  • 1 Gbps (324TB) FREE BANDWIDTH with every account
  • Low overage rate of $0.0025 per GB ($2.50/TB) > 324TB

You Can Trust ServerCloud

A very safe choice! Not a start-up, ServerCloud is privately owned and profitable since its incorporation in 1999. ServerCloud’s product portfolio represents an ideal mixture of reliability, performance, and value in a crowded marketplace of hosting and cloud service providers.

At ServerCloud, we are dedicated to providing genuinely exceptional cloud computing resources alongside premium services to our customers. In order to achieve our goal of offering the highest quality of service at remarkably uncommon rates, we employ a tiered membership system for accessing the bulk of our resources and services. In doing so, ServerCloud is able to extend a truly unique value to our customers while intelligently managing the growth of our user base and offering top of the market performance.Here’s how our tiered system benefits our member customers:

  • Prioritized Access: As a loyal member customer, you can be confident that your cloud computing needs are always our top priority. Our tiered membership structure allows us to prioritize resources for member customers, ensuring they continue to receive top-notch services and support at all times.
  • Managed Infrastructure Growth: Because ServerCloud does not oversubscribe resources like other cloud providers do, ensuring that we do not compromise on the quality of service or availability of resources for member customers is of paramount importance. By implementing a wait-list for new customers should large spikes in demand temporarily outpace infrastructure capacity, we can effectively manage the growth of our user base. This helps us maintain a stable and high-performing platform while accommodating the needs of our ever growing customer base.
  • Enhanced Customer Support: Personalized and timely support will always be top priorities for ServerCloud. Our membership system allows us to dedicate more time and resources to addressing the needs of our customers without sacrificing our dogged dedication to delivering outstanding value.
We recognize that a membership system is unconventional in the cloud services space, but we believe strongly in the benefits that our approach affords our customers. We implore you to evaluate performance and the true cost of use in a like for like comparison with any other cloud provider. ServerCloud members enjoy a veritably distinct experience that pairs elite performance with phenomenal rates.
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The quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently above expectations.

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Better, faster, and more efficient.

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Providing exceptional reliability and high performance at a great price.

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Control Panels

DirectAdmin, cPanel or root access with a variety of operating systems available.

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Secure your data off-host or off-site, always at a great price.

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Migration Assistance

Move quickly with our expert assistance, at no charge.

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24/7/365 Live Support

Members choose Basic, On-Demand or Complete support with management, monitoring and more.

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